A Cali-Vibes Kitchen Remodel

Andrea and Chris bought a penthouse condo that was in need of a major renovation including completely opening up the kitchen! Victoria Holly and her team transformed the kitchen by opening up the space and using light colors and materials.



Andrea and Chris fell in love with this penthouse condo. But there was just one major issue: everything felt closed off for such a big space. The plan was to open up the kitchen walls and incorporate a kitchen island, relocating appliances and plumbing in the process. In addition, we wanted to expand the footprint of the kitchen so that it scaled properly to the rest of the space. The original kitchen was surrounded in beiges and reds, and felt super dark - especially in a condo with such amazing natural light. 

The Plan

Andrea and Chris loved neutrals, anything bright, and simple and clean design. To add some visual interest, we opted for custom inlay cabinets in a warm-white and delicate hardware. Andrea and Chris fell in love with this stunning Bianco Dolomite marble slab that we incorporated into the backsplash as well. Beautiful, large glass pendant lights grounded the kitchen island. We moved the sink over to the kitchen island to create a more conversational space with barstools right across. 


Kitchen 7 Los Angeles Interior Designer.jpg
Los Angeles Interior Designer


The kitchen came out so beautifully and Andrea and Chris loved the result! "I'm still pinching myself that this is my kitchen!" Andrea said. "It all came together so well!"  The kitchen gained so much more natural light and finally felt like part of the living space. And all the awkward living room angles and walls? They were no longer an issue once we cleaned up the layout! It's all about visual balance. 


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