A Trendy Update for a Tiny Home

Patrick loved his tiny apartment, but there were some challenges, like a kitchen underneath a staircase! Victoria Holly and her team transformed both the kitchen and the bathroom for this project. 



Patrick's kitchen had one major issue: it was underneath a staircase! Unfortunately we couldn't knock out the staircase (it's how his neighbors accessed the floors above!) The before layout featured a hodge podge of cabinets and a lot of appliances in a small space. So the plan was to clean up the overall look so there wasn't so much going on. Such as panel-ready appliances, avoiding any open storage, and focusing on a clean and sophisticated design.

The Plan

Patrick loved three things: marble, navy, and brass. So that was our theme! We wanted to it to feel a little vintage as well and not too modern. So we focused on brass hardware with a vintage look. Simple shaker doors made the most sense here with panel-ready appliances. When we thinking about the space planning, I wanted to avoid doing cabinets above the sink. That nook under the stairs already feels so small, I didn't want to cram more things into it. I also didn't want to have to cut cabinets into odd shapes. We loved the idea of keeping it simple on that wall and taking the marble all the way up as a focal point. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 1.48.54 AM.png



The kitchen turned out stunning and was exactly what Patrick had in mind from the start. See what he had to say!

When I met with Victoria to explore my renovation, I knew I had two different styles in mind. I wanted a white bathroom with very clean lines. While the kitchen would be a slightly different look with dark navy cabinets, brass fixtures and white counter tops – a more traditional look. Victoria’s style and execution was very flexible to accommodate both these seemly divergent styles – and her guidance on cabinet door selection and hardware for the cabinets has maintained a clean look in the kitchen as well. 
Victoria has been such a great help in taking the vision I had and giving it direction while making sure it ties into the living space and bedroom spaces. She did a great job in sourcing contractors, materials, and fixtures for me as well. 
In sourcing materials, Victoria has been very good about keeping my budget in mind. For example, we had decided to go with a thassos marble for the bathrooms but the estimate she received from her vendor was above budget. Rather than sacrifice the look, she found a vendor online that offered the same product at 1/3 the cost. 
Victoria has delivered on all my expectations to date and I am so excited with the finished product!

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